Welcome to KÖRSBÄR

Welcome to KÖRSBÄR

Hello! We are thrilled you are here. 

KÖRSBÄR is a made-to-order, sustainable and authentic fashion brand. All the designs you see here are imagined and created by Cherry Gustafson. Cherry dreams of designs, often instead of sleeping, and makes them in the concert-jungle workspace under the big red "R" in the seattle monumental ORB. 

KÖRSBÄR is for everyone, all genders, sizes and walks of life. KÖRSBÄR eccentric colorful and full of life, just like the woman behind it. Our designs encourage our customers and community to shine, to live bold, loud, and beautifully. We believe beauty lays in authenticity, in expressing your truest self. We are a community of misfits leaning into the magic of carving out one's own road in this world. 

Only two years ago, Cherry was working full time and creating designer quits, her original art, around the clock. One night, with a million pieces of quilt spread around her Capital Hill studio apartment, Cherry wondered what it would be like to sew something wearable. That evening she made a shirt, and in that moment KÖRSBÄR was born. 

In the last two years she has created a KÖRSBÄR community and two expansive collections. Cherry debuted her eye for fashion with Bohemian Summer, west-coast inspired expanse of colorful kimonos, dresses and sets. In December of 2018, Cherry was invited to bring a collection to Paris, France, to show at Paris Fashion Week. That day she accepted the invitation with a meager $14 in her bank account, (fabric is expensive and our gal is one to chose fabric over food!) Cherry is nothing if not determined. She had ten months to step up her design process and create a collection for Paris Fashion Week 2019. Through all the set backs, long nights and back breaking sewing, Cherry continues to serve tables in Seattle and build her fashion empire by night. And gosh darn - she DID IT! 

If you are reading this, you are here with us, in the very beginning of the new phase of KÖRSBÄR. Cherry's second collection, Turkish Delight has made its debut in Paris. You can see the live show ( KÖRSBÄR rolls out last!) though the Oxford Fashion Studio.

Throughout the Seattle summer, Cherry was all eyes on Paris. Post show, we are diving into the unknown, while celebrating how far she and KÖRSBÄR have come. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Check back soon to shop Turkish Delight! And follow our time in Paris and all the madness that comes next on Instagram @korsbarcherry & @cherrygustafson

Welcome to the world of KÖRSBÄR!