Cherry Gustafsön is the founder and head designer of Körsbär. Born and raised in south Seattle, Cherry has been drawn to mountains, the sea, and the madness of living a creative and authentic life up and down the golden coast. Körsbär, “Cherry” in Swedish, honors her Swedish roots. Cherry began creating her world with a sewing machine at an early age (8 years old) and grew to become an avid quilter, sewing intricate custom quilts for years before venturing into fashion. Cherry’s neo-bohemian, never-boring, and every-exploring aesthetic caught the eye of creatives and style minds around the world, launching her into the fashion industry while she was teaching herself to construct clothing, all from her studio apartment on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Although you’ll be able to find Cherry globe-trotting to showcase her fall line, Turkish Delight, in Paris, Portland, and Los Angeles Fashion Week, 2019, you will also find her waiting tables in Queen Anne, skating behind the Old Rainer Brewery, and taking photos that showcase the true and gritty side of Seattle. Cherry works around the clock, building a sustainable and authentic brand with tip money and wild-woman gusto, from dusk to dawn.

You can follow along at her personal Instagram: @cheeerycherry where she shares her creative process, her eccentric everyday moments, and the highs and lows of living out loud.